What happens if you are an "editor" and you reach "guru/master" status?

Does your editor status and the perks, if you will, associated with it, disappear?


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  • Editor and Guru/Master are different credentials. One is based on myTakes while latter is based on Xper system.

    You become Guru when you earn 20000 xper and you become Master when you earn 50000 xper. Note: You'll lose your 'Guru' status when you'll earn 'Master' status.

    'Editor' is earned by writing lots of promoted myTakes. It helps you to get your takes promoted instantly. It is not related to xper system so, it is permanent as long as you're writing 2 mytakes per month which are promotion worthy.

    Example :-
    This admin is both 'Master' & 'Editor'

    • thanks for your answer. That's all I really wanted to know was if you became Guru-Editor or the editor just disappeared and all that was listed was Guru. I understand the difference between xper and just the editor status, just thinking about it and was curious.

    • I'm glad I was able to help you :)

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  • Nothing really. It's just a title you get afterreaching certain Xper.
    The Editor title is different though, as it requires you to continuesly write
    MyTakes approved by the Admins, and it can get you bonus Xper
    depending on how well you're doing.

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  • Lol nothing happens. Editor status is not an Xper level. "Guru" and "Master" are both Xper levels. So those two levels are independent of the Editor title. You will simply have both badges next to your name :)

  • Editor is slightly different to guru and master but as far as I'm aware, nothing really happens. I stopped going up levels when I became guru, obviously, but I think that's all that changed.

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