How do you feel now that they bring back the thumbs down?

I thinks its such a shitty decision and gag became much more peaceful without the anoying hate baring dislikes.


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  • I'm glad that they're actually listening to what the majority of the community has suggested. GAG is always asking us for suggestions about how to amend the website yet they have hardly ever taken any of those suggestions into account and have just gone and done whatever they want. I hope the next one they listen to is how people want to start following questions and my takes again. That was such a convenient feature and then one day, it was gone.

    I've noticed that since the down vote feature has been gone, comment threads on opinions have gotten way more heated and antagonistic than ever before since people who disagree now have to say something to the opinion owner. That doesn't always go over well, especially with all the trolls we seem to have here now. I've also noticed an increase in the amount of downright offensive posts that need to be reported since the feature was removed.


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  • well it was a dumb decision.

    • to bring it back or to cut it in the first place?

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  • anything gag does somebody complains about...

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