Wtf GaG? Is anyone else having trouble posting images?

Whenever I post a pic link in the comments, it automatically puts spaces so it won't show up. Am I being a dumbass or is GaG fucking me over for some reason? Lol

Like this, let's see if it works:
[IMG] jpg[/IMG]

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  • GaG is fucking us over and not letting us post pics for a reason. We have angered the GaG gods.
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  • Obligatory "idk" option, otherwise I'd comment "idk" because it's so important for me to let others know that "idk".
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Let me try again:

[IMG]http://i66. tinypic. com/dfd72a. jpg[/IMG]


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  • *tells myself "pssh I can post pics without any problem"*
    *goes to click on OP's picture and opens it in a link*
    *mostly naked woman pops up on my laptop screen*
    *random guy walks past me staring at my screen*
    *he is still in room and giving judgmental looks at me*

    Nevertheless, here is an old photo of my dogs on tinypic from before I upgraded to the wondrous imgur.

    • Lol that's Kim K, my goddess haha.

      Cute dogs though :)

    • Are you doing this at school or library? Lol why are there random guys?

    • I was doing it in the laundry room, and the only guy in the entire room at 4am doing laundry was there creeping on me as he passed xD

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  • you tryna be too shmancy.

    if you post literally exactly what you just posted WITHOUT the img tags, it will work perfectly.

  • I was about to test this and as I was signing up for tinypic my security software flashed up virus warnings for a couple of advertising redirects tinypic was trying to access. Be careful people!

  • You don't have to add [img] [/img]

  • I haven't had any problems.

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