Whose had an unecessary nasty remark from other members?

I asked a question about a breast lump but a day later it was made invisible by admin until it had been approved...
When I logged back onto the site the next day I found it had been approved but some negative comments had already been left because I hadn't responded to any of the messages!
I found that quite harsh and unnecessary especially as it hadn't been visible even to me...
Who else finds negative comments unhelpful and puts them off continuing as a member?


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  • I have had that happen a few times but it doesn't matter to me because Idc what some random jerk on the internet thinks of me

    • I guess I need to take it less personal. Thanks

    • You're welcome and a lot of the people who leave those comments are just trolls who enjoy pissing people off so you can't give them the satisfaction by getting mad or arguing with them

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  • I saw one comment. Honestly this is the way I'm seeing it: Is it great that the person said that? Meh probably not. Are you any better for writing an entire question about ONE comment? LOL no.

    This is the internet. You just have to accept that some people are going behave in ways you don't like. That's not "nasty" that's just life online.

    Moreover if the question was hidden from you, it was hidden from everyone. You might have missed the notifications. But if they could comment so could you.

    • The replies where left before the post was removed but I didn't see them or able to reply until it was made visible again, was basically over a 2 day period which is why I felt it unnecessary for someone to comment on my lack of reply when it's a new post... thanks for your take, appreciate it.

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  • I've left some of them yet to receive any tho unfortunately


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  • Yeah, I've had a few negative comments that came out of the blue.

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