Why many people here, put silly comments on poll options? Isn't a yes or no enough most of times?

Like "Bacon"..."Banana"..."I'm crazy"... and such similar irrelevant shit...

Most polls need just a yes or a no option... and nothing more... I don't see why people do it but anyway...


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  • Glad my Question Poll always with (Yes / NO )
    The problem with add many options will confuse Gagers so u can't get clear answer


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  • its just fun
    people bein themselves


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  • My questions are usually silly so I add silly polls to go with them. One of the cool things about GaG is that you get to see different viewpoints and ideas. Don't be afraid to embrace them.

    • I might ask silly questions as well... well I don't consider 'em silly but many people do... I'm usually serious and I have a reason why I ask... and I always put yes or no... more options are gonna mess up ma results...

      Like for example... askin' if someone has ever jumped for a balcony... any other options apart from yes or no how are needed?

    • Klaatu you have to stop being such a downer. Besides just because you answer post yes or no questions doesn't mean other people do.

    • Fuck it why ya call me like dat? Didn't I tell u no?

      I knew u'd do it though... so conversation's over...

  • Why does it confuse you?

  • You can add multiple options. Some people (even those that answer) like to be silly. They're having fun. They might still have the option you want to select, or you can comment.


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