Are the attention-seeking anons on this site hilariously stupid, or is it just me?

Not all of them, but the ones that are obviously just whining children, or the ones that think they're super badass and are just looking for validation? Like this one:

It was just hilarious, how much he insisted he's capable of killing, and the response every time he was called out on his bullshit. Even better when he doesn't realise how ridiculous he sounds, and then blocks everyone who upsets him.

Anyone else come across people like this? Under 18 or not?


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  • In that question he's talking about the 2 girls that rejected him. Both of them and their friends started bullying him after he asked them out so I think his hatred is directed more at them and since they're the only girls he's ever asked out he probably wonders if all girls are the same. So I think it's sort of justified.

    • Have a read of his replies to opinions. He's eithet incredibly childish, or psychotic.

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