Am I the only one that can't view their own questions? And after you post/ask a question is it popping up like you didn't ask the question?

I have no idea what's going on but every time I click questions instead of taking me to my questions it reloads my profile. All of the other ones like notifications, mytakes, opinions, etc still work fine.

But not only can I not review my questions when I go to ask another question my previous question is fully typed out and everything's the same like I didn't ask/submit it when I know I did.

Is anyone else having these problems? 😕


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  • I have not had that happen. It could be that the G@G software for your type of device is messing up.

    What type of device are you using and what browser? If others have the same difficulty the admins will know what to look at to fix it.

    • Yeah it must be because everything's fine on my phone... Although apparently the question that I asked didn't go through but I'm positive it said that it did. Whatever -_-

      Oh original iPad and safari

    • Thank you for MHGuy. :-)

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  • Are you still having this problem? What device and browser are you using?


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  • And you're absolutely sure that you aren't clicking on your profile name above the question name? If not, it's obviously an error that shouldn't be occuring.. It could, as Red:Arrow said, be the device you're using, but if not.. Go right ahead and message the admins

    • I'm sure everytime I click questions it goes to summary instead but it's definitely a glitch with my device because I'm not having the same issue on my phone.

    • Yeah that's unfortunate.. but a little bird told me, that a GaG app will be launching this spring, so perhaps it will work with those devices then. ^.^

  • That's definitely a glitch and bug I'd ask the admins on here about that or report it to a moderator.

  • Sometime this happens with me too !! I think it depends on the category we choose

    • I've never had an issue with "other" or "GAG comunity" before. I'm just lucky we get notifications because I wouldn't be able to read your opion if I didn't.

    • but don't worry other people can see your questions and notifications helps a lot

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