Just went through this site as a newbie, do u think there should be a topic/ a community to help cope with addictions?

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  • Whilst it's a nice idea and it would be helpful, that really only would apply to a very specific group of people and that group doesn't make up a large percentage of GAG. I just don't think there'd be enough people on here with addictions to things like alcohol or drugs that would make the admins want to put up a topic for them.

    Plus, you have to remember that most people on here are not trained medical professionals and there are a lot of insensitive people. By putting that topic on the site, you're opening yourself up to a lot of unprofessional advice that may not be medically accurate and you're also opening yourself up to trolls and negative comments which isn't something anyone trying to cope or recover needs.

    Rather than seek that community on this site, it's a better idea to seek it elsewhere on a site specifically dedicated to helping those with addictions.

    • it doesn't have to be only alcohol or drugs, what about lesser cared about things too like internet addiction, pornography addiction, hell, even girlsaskguys addiction, i am sure these sites can take up a lot of time of many a people at a young age and there should be a support to help with that

    • I only used alcohol and drugs as an example, I'm aware that lower profile addictions exist and deserve support too. You're right that it is important for them to get support and they can get support on the site, usually under the health and fitness category, I would guess. But, as I said, there just isn't a large enough percentage of users on the site with addictions like that to convince the admins to set up that board.

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