G@G multiplayer mmorpg game? Original Idea?

What if we somehow developed a mmorpg on here, with a lvl up system, inventory, items and markets just for fun?

Is that possible?

  • Yes, it is, but the staff must like that idea.
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  • No, but it's still possible.
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  • Nope... Not happening, cool idea though.
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There will be classes to choose from too, even custom if you want but you gain default stats 15+2 more points to add to your default class.
Custom Classes get +15 points to use
Develop your custom skills and skill trees.
Stats gained per use.
x2 Strength *physical damage + Ignore shield*
x2 Dexterity *dodge boost*
x2 Intellect *magical damage + Increase healing effects and imbues*
x2 Wisdom *critical boost*
x 5 Health *Increase resilient*
x 5 Speed *how fast your target reaches or gets away*


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  • I hope it's possible, it would be fun, we could have different classes and stuff... I support the idea.


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  • Could make it like it is now, but an open world chat program, with characters and outfits.. doesn't sound too bad I suppose.

    • I like your way of thinking.

  • It'd be nice... I wanna be ultimate anonymous if such a game happens... I go always anonymously... so...

    • There will be an class called anonymous with max dexterity and 0 all other stats.
      Hit and run skill doing 1 damage and leaves.

    • Fair enough... I wanna be some kind of leader of anonymous though...

    • Nope! Only I can lead mu huhu!

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