Is anyone else tired of all of GAG's unnecessary updates 😕 (Part 1)?

Okay I will admit that not all of their updates have been bad over time and some have been useful like them adding notifications, preventing us from typing an opinion if we have already done so and forgot that we already have, allowing us to choose which sex we want to question if not both, allowing us to follow questions (which you then took away), etc.👏

However in my opinion and apparently in many others GAG is doing more bad than good. More and more people keep leaving the site because they are sick and tired of the new updates and changes and are losing their interest and patience becuase the site keeps making unnecessary changes. Has anyone ever heard of the term, "if ain't broke don't fix it", well I don't think the people that run GAG seem to get it or are listening to us. You say you want to perfect the site for us how about just letting us choose what should be changed if there are any changes needed at all.

I mean for peat sake instead of continuing to "perfect" the site and making changes how about you do as you said and bring back ability to follow questions and the tdown vote feature that we're still waiting on? We keep getting unnecessary updates that we dislike like the like button becoming a heart, keeping track of what sex and how many comments we get under one of our opinions, or the pointless # feature that barely anyone uses! I mean come on we didn't ask for any of it 😩 (Also not personally me but not too many people are happy with the the amount of qiestions/mytakes they are restricted to every 24hrs)


Can I please get some opinions...


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  • Yeah I know and the things we do want we don't always get or it takes forever to come back. They clearly haven't got the hint even with the amount of people leaving.


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  • I know right, these updates are useless and flat out annoying! Why don't they work on an app instead of just working on pointless updates that nobody asked for?


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  • Ya, they're annoying and unnecessary.


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  • Yeah.. it's almost like they are purposely trying to push us off this site... maybe to prep for the mobile app which I'm sure will have option to pay features.

    • Well that doesn't really make since if we're not fond of the site why would we even consider using the app?

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    • Yeah hopefully 😔

    • I can't help but think there is a reason behind them doing this... there usually is.

  • Nope, change is good. Keeps things interesting and from getting boring/mundane...

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