When exaclty do questions get closed?

What is the criteria?


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  • A question will become closed when the Question Asker selects at least one MHO -or- after 48 hours of inactivity (meaning, no more opinions, replies, or poll votes). More information on closed questions can be found in our FAQ :) https://www.girlsaskguys.com/faq#201


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  • As written in the FAQ:

    "All questions are open by default and visible to all users. A question becomes closed when the Asker selects at least one MHO -or- if the question is not active for 48 hours (no new opinions, replies, or poll votes). Closed questions are still visible to all users, they will be marked by the STOP sign. You cannot leave new opinions on a closed question, but you can still reply to, or like, existing opinions, and like the question. You can also request to feature a closed question, an admin will re-open the question for 24 hours and feature it so you can get more responses!"

    • This is the most stupid and un-constructive update that's happened. After 49 hours, someone may come across the question, and have the perfect answer. They won't be able to add it, to the detriment of the asker, who will miss out on what the wanted to know. This is the most self defeating update I've seen yet.

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    • @xHoneyxBeex It's still a ridiculous situation that it works like that. Not everybody can be on here every day, so after 48 hours of inactivity, a question is closed. No more opinions, even if someone has the perfect answer!

    • @Asker @dogbert444 I undersand and I'm passing along everyone's feedback to our site developers. I'm simply clarifying because a lot of people seem to think that questions will be closed after 48 hours of being posted but that's not the case so I'm letting everyone know that it's 48 hours of *inactivity* on a question before it is closed, unless the QA selects MHO.

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