Not getting notifications?

Not getting notifications for opinions to my questions, yes they are checked in my settings.


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  • Everybody is having the same problem. So many problems with this new update.

    • same! sorry i have to comment here because this question is 'closed' lol!
      all my notifications have disappeared and until i saw this question, i thought it was just me.

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    • @justbanANNAz yea this new update sucks, I had more questions and trouble with the buggy update, but I need to close out some questions in order to ask them. This new update blows!

    • @RedRain hey redrain, yeah most opinions, mentions, follows, messages... everything. they only come up once every now and then, not actually consistently, and i hate ignoring people so i try to chase everything up and it's really frustrating.

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  • Me too! i have to click my profile to get the whole thing which sucks. Only the first two people to respond will get you notifications. And the rest... well i don't know. This is my experience. And sometimes i don't even get notifications for some of the questions i asked too.


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  • I am not getting them to. I had a message but got no notification.


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