What do you think of people who are Copycats🐱?

I care a lot about originality, so yes, this is a question, and a rant, because frankly, I can't stand them.

I've had a number of people fuck around with my stuff since I've been here. Pictures, questions, and mytakes. The one I care most about though, are MyTakes. Even though I have a life, I do put effort into those, then I get people stealing my work, or coming up with 'counter mytakes'. This has happened to me thrice, by 2 different people. You know who you are.

Don't get me wrong, debate is good. Debate is great, but if you can't do it to my face, or if you feel I won't see it because you've blocked me, then you are deluded.
Or, on the other hand, if you happen to like the take so much that you use it as 'inspiration' and then reword it, that doesn't look so great either.

Just some advice for fellow editors in particular:

If you can't #comeupwithyourownshit to write about, please don't head over to somebody else's take and create a different version of it... it's so not cool. Don't write anything until you are inspired.
This is how you make your own mark, and how people can distinguish your writing from anyone else's.




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  • I read both (well technically reread yours since I had read it previously lol).

    They are both dealing with the same subject matter-- whether a girl is "hard to get" or not. Granted, it could be coincidence that the takes were similar. Who knows for certain. They aren't exact copies. While it is impossible to directly say whether or not he truly copied yours (the list and similar formatting makes it a bit suspicious though), I can understand the annoyance of being copied in general.

    Anyways, a bit different, but back in high school, I would get straight A's and such, and people would sometimes be trying to copy my stuff... some would even ask to copy my stuff on tests. Whenever someone got away with it, I'd be told "Don't make a big deal with it. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." That would anger me though.
    It doesn't make it justifiable to steal work. Especially without giving credit, that is not flattery. It's rude and annoying.

    Back to comparing the takes though, let me honest. Even if his topic was similar (whether copied or not), your take was much more well written.
    1.) It had better structure. Points were made consecutively that made sense.
    2.) The content was better. There was less uninformative rants (ok, there was a little banana sass in it at the: "NOW boys, If you’re going to be a close minded prick about this, PLEASE EXIT the premises. You can’t possibly seek advice about the opposite gender, then refuse it from someone who IS and KNOWS that gender better than you ever could. Gracias boo." LOL but that gave it personality)
    3.) It offered more about the subject and on the whole was a more pleasant read.

    So I understand the anger at getting annoyed, but realize that yours was better in my opinion... so please keep writing myTakes and put effort in them like you always do! Don't let people, like copycats when they pop up, discourage you! Your myTakes have possibly been the most helpful for me on the whole like that one about asking girls out from awhile back.

    • my gosh, thank you. Sometimes I feel that people have expectations of each other to be emotionless. I can't voice a concern without someone telling me "oh it's no big deal, don't get so worked up". I'm not one to whine or whinge, but when something pisses me off, I'm not just gonna act like I'm superhuman. I care, and i guess only people like u who have been through similar things will ever understand.

      I do appreciate every word of your feedback, even if you were to give me criticism, id take it on board, because ur genuine. it means a lot and helps me keep wanting to write. thank you.

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  • You sound like a middle school kid. Lol.. don't get me wrong you write good stuff.. but this is not something to get mad about.. you should be glad that people find your stuff good enough to copy.. (if they do)


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  • His take was similar but it was not a copy. It had a different subject matter.

    This is a case of you being paranoid and seeking problems where there aren't any. You're not the queen here.

    • man ur just another hater. i really couldnt care less about ur opinion, thanks for leaving it though.

  • I can agree with this, I actually like reading your mytakes and such as they are uniquely done usually and quite frankly have a lot of sensible advice in it. And even if that wasn't the case it's not cool to copy other peoples stuff ( yours ) but you can look at it the same way you can look at plagiarism if your stuff wasn't good then no one would bother to copy/steal it.

    Try not to let it get to you, it is the internet after all the bar isn't exactly set that high in regards to manners, or how people act. Just keep doing what your doing, as your stuff does actually help some folks.

  • I understand this might piss you off, I can relate. I've had an incident recently in which a script of mine was downloaded and then re-uploaded again by some guy who put his name on it and had the audacity to copyright it. But, don't let it get to you, though.
    1) No matter what, the copycat never beats the original.
    2) The original doesn't need a copycat but the copycat can't even exist without the original.
    3) Remember that like honey attracts bees, good products attract copy-cats. So accept the copy-cats as a consequence and also accept the copy-cats as a proof to the quality of your material.
    4) On a positive note, out of all the other myTakes and all the other myTake authors, you were the one who was picked to be copied. You can conclude that not only was your material good enough but it definitely stood out among the others. So, be flattered.

  • Copying is kinda wrong, but giving a fuck about it is even worse. What harm is it Doing to you? People who read your takes are still gonna read your takes.

    Perhaps what other people write in their takes is none of your business to begin with. Just keep writing them awesome takes and be content with the fact that you're the original not the spoofs.

    • BRB I was too sober,
      In short, go to Google and check out "How to not get offended by petty things"
      ... While you are at it , also check out "Naturaful"

    • i really find it useless when people give me backhanded compliments. don't do it.
      not everything is a joke mate. I'm not going to feel ashamed for expressing that I'm annoyed about something.

  • Yea I've seen a lot of repeat stuff on here not just yours. I haven't written a mytake yet and the reason is i know how much work is put into one that is good. You put a lot of effort and thought into it and i respect that.

  • What do you think of people who are copy cats?

  • I am sorry I just really liked that dress you wore and had to have one of myself it won't happen again :(

  • I love your takes and I agree I also hate people copying my stuff as well.

  • I hate you so much that I dont even read or see what you post... lol joking.
    But why angry?
    Should Singers get angry if people sing (or try to) their songs.
    By the way do you watch cricket?


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  • That's why plagiarism gets you in bad consequences. Taking someone else's work and calling it your own is not okay. Stealing someone else's information is wrong.
    As you said getting inspired by another person's work is a different story. It's fine to use someone else's article as a source, especially if it's about a topic you're not an expert on. Even if you do write something word per word, you should quote it and type in the reference.

  • I think copying is wrong.. always. taking credit for someone else's ideas is not a good thing

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