Why was my question closed?

It was 2 days old. I have much older questions that are not closed.
I may have wanted to bump it, or wait for more answers.
Since when does GaG close questions, and by what possible standard do they decide what questions to close? Should that not be up to the asker?

  • This has happened to me/I have seen questions seemingly randomly "closed"
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  • This has not happened to me/I have not seen this.
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  • damn it, all the site changes, and I still can not delete extra poll choices I accidently make!
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  • Admin and web designers think the site is being improved. It most definitely is becoming crap! No wonder so many regulars are leaving.


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  • It's a part of the site update. In order to try to get all questions answers, questions will now be closed after the asker chooses MHO or the question is inactive for 48 hours (no new comments).

  • It's part of the new update. It's like two days after no activity on the question or something like that.

  • Hey! Questions should be closed after 48hs hours of no activity on the question. Did those old open questions of yours get any activity recently? If not, can you please send me the link to some of them so we can investigate? Thanks a lot!

    • people might see a question more than 2 days old and reply. an asker might see their question has had few replies, and bumped it. In most forums, bumping something recent is bad from. I wouldn't bump anything I asked unless it was several days old. As of this new update, several days old is several days dead. What harm is done by allowing new people to answer old questions? Does this not just encourage people to flood the site with a bombardment of the same exact question, asked ever few days?
      And why not a more sensible feature? You already message us to tell us to pick a MHO. Why not message us to say "Your question has had no activity for 48 hours. If you do not bump your question, or if it receives no further attention, it will be closed in 24 hours."?
      That way askers at least know the intent is to close, and have the option to keep it open.

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    • But you don't seem to act very often!

    • Only some of my questions say closed. The newest ones... click on my profile to see. But is this like an experimental thing? Also I haven't been getting my message updates. I've had new megs for hours that nvr showed up on my notifications.

What Guys Said 6

  • I know, this closing questions feature should be an option to G@G users, not G@G staff.

    The really good questions sometimes doesn't get answered in time and are closed before anyone notices. It's the type of heavy drugs the staff are taking I swear.

    • And don't you hate the new icons that show on the side of notifications?
      Some people don't get, "if it ain't broken, then don't fix it!" which gets ignored all the time.

      The staff act on their own rather than asking G@G users first.

  • A question becomes closed when the Asker selects at least one MHO -or- if the question is not active for 48 hours (no new opinions, replies, or poll votes). Closed questions are still visible to all users, they will be marked by the STOP sign. You cannot leave new opinions on a closed question, but you can still reply to, or like, existing opinions, and like the question.

  • Another stupid and thoughtless gag update

  • I know man... WTF BROOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Unfortunately now... if ya select MHO and 2 days have passed... questions are gonna get closed... although I don't see why one of mine's still open...

    Is a certain amount of opinions required?

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