Who else thinks the private opinion option is stupid and should be gone? It is where the question asker can see all the opinions and the the person posting an opinion can only see their own opinion. You can not comment on someone else's comment with this option if it is not your own question.

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  • That's weird. What if it gets chosen as MHO? Will everyone be able to see it... or not.. or... I don't know it's weird. If you want to give your private opinion then go send the asker a message.


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  • I hate all the new "enhancements".
    Off with their heads!!

    • How does closing a question after a MHO is selected or 2 days of in activity suppose to help? I do not see how it does. I also do not see how being able to make your question private any help since a lot of people like to read what others have to say and on top of that it also at times causes discussion which this site is about. The new notifications are dumb also like getting notified about someone else's opinion being selected as MHO or if what I selected on a poll help tip the scale etc.

    • Yep it's a case of TMI. 😐

  • It really doesn't matter. It's just one out of many unnecessary choices that we deal with every day. :)

  • how are the mods supposed to monitor these private post. It's a perfect setting for creepers & trolls.

    • I agree. They also have closed questions where you can still reply and like but not add an opinion. It happens after 2 days of inactivity or if an MHO Is selected

    • Yea dumbest most useless update ever.

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