Does anyone else find questions being closed really annoying and possibly the downfall of this site?

What's the point in even showing the questions anymore? No one can give more advice on the matter even if they have some really good advice to give.


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  • Its dumb that they close the question after you choose an mho... im just not going to choose an mho until noone comments on my question


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  • I predict this last round of changes (closed questions, private questions) will be rolled back or heavily modified within a few weeks. There seems to be an overwhelming dislike of them.

    • There was a campaign to bring back the dislike button instead they come up with this. All my home screen shows me now is questions I can answer

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  • It's bulljesus but I'm pretty sure it's a space saving measure

    • I'm seeing questions that were only asked a few hours ago that are already closed because the asked wanted to ask more questions

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    • @Sexualchrist, how is it a space saving measure when, 1) The questions, opinions, and replies remain on the server, and 2) It only encourages more questions to be asked? It seems counter intuitive to me.

    • @VirginiaBeachBum I don't know, I don't make the rules but it does make questions smaller and inactive faster

  • I hated when someone posted in a question of mine dat was like 1-2 years old... but hey dat's too far... one month's good I think...

  • I'm kind of surprised at the 180 degree turn from them.

    In the past, I expressed frustration at the opposite - that you'd answer questions and be thrown at a list of 5 month old similar questions, which showed a total lack of awareness of how users actually use the site, which is not using the useless search, but instead sitting on action on the live feeds.

    So now they've gotten that. But they got it so much, they went too far. The 24 hour cutoff seems a ittle short to me, i'd rather have seen a few days worth. But the 'close as soon as best answer' is a huge fail.

    To be honest, I'd get rid of most helpful' altogether.

    They seem to think the point of the site is to ask a question and get 'the' answer. All the interesting questions don't have 'the' answer they have a range of views, and the range and discussion they generate is what's interesting.

    The point of the change is to increase action on the live questions, but they're actually suppressing it by trying to end questions that are still being discussed.

    • I would keep most helpful but I would get rid of the question closing when it is selected. As for a time limit if they want one make it 72 hours to give people a chance to see it. Not every one logs in daily

    • I think the old questions just shouldn't show up in the live feed, old being older than 3 months (where the date doesn't show anymore).

      They shouldn't just block everyone from posting on it completely.

    • @Mesonfielde they never really show in the live feed, it used to be that every time you answered one it would helpfully throw you a list of year old questions on similar topics.

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