How come my notifications aren't showing up? Why isn't GAG community an option for topics?

I hovered over the bell and there's nothing there but when I clicked to check for the answers to my previous question it showed them.

When I choose a topic for this question GAG community isn't available.


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  • Many of us are having trouble with receiving notifications. You're not the only one with that issue, and the site developers are working on it apparently. As for not seeing the G@G Community topic, that's odd. Maybe one of the admins can help.


    • Thanks :)
      The notifications are now showing up but I don't know if all of them are.

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    • @xHoneyxBeex Thanks it's fixed now.
      What about the Gag Community topic not showing up as one of the options?
      I posted this under Other since this option wasn't available and then it changed after some time.

    • Yes, that can happen sometimes. If it does, just let me know :)

      @Asker The G@G Community Topic is actually not available for Level 1 users.

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