How do you feel when gag makes your question hidden?

You take your time to form a question and bam. Within less than 5 minutes gag admins hide it for some reason;It's offensive, it's silly, it's too antagonistic. Most of time they remove it without listening to you or giving a reason for it's removal. How do you feel about it?


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  • Don't post offensive questions then?

    • Except gag has a very vague idea about what's offensive and gender bias at that. A girl can post a question implying all men are rapist and i'll remain on this site. While, a man post a question complaining about female behavior in dating world and it gets removed as antagonistic.

    • I posted up a question asking people last night on how true this was about german girls as I'm curious about dating one. I wanted to hear other's people experience.. Guess what gag removes it as an antagonistic even though the question painted both positive and negative aspect of German women.

      IN B4 we get SJW don't generalize.

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  • I've only ever had opinions removed for being 'antagonistic' which is annoying af as I was only replying to other users who made antagonistic opinions towards me. But I guess that has to be done to prevent absolute chaos.

    Admin should send you a pm with the reason for removal. Next time, don't write questions that you know are against the site rules and you'll be free of issues-

    • Except it's very vague on what's antagonistic or whatever on this site. Silly stuff about cat jedi stay on for days on this site and not removed. Meanwhile you can ask a question about political view on refugee situation in sweden and gag considers that silly.

      The whole system is very vague.

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    • I literally never got a chance to see the response. it was like 1 guy and when i hovered over my question brb you question is now hidden and under review by admin.

    • ok well perhaps you should try to better adhere to the guidelines that I posted in my original response. If you have issues with posts of yours that were hidden, you can always contact admin by sending one of them a pm: xhoneyxbeex, redrain

  • You were probably violating the rules, that's why they hid it.

    • Very vague rules that seem very cherry picking and gender bias.

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