Who else HATES the update?

pointless update GAG, not a good one..

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  • Tell me. What is it about the update you don't like?

    Personally I don't mind the closing questions too much..
    but I don't like the private opinions.

    • i really don't like the notifications, i haven't been on for a few days and have over 50 notifications

    • Yeah that's exactly what I thought, because that's what people have been complaining about, aside from the closing of questions.

      Go to your profile, look for Settings, and scroll down
      from there you can change notification options. ^.^

    • thanks so much!!

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  • Everyone hates it. Where have you been for the past 24 hours?

    • busy with my life and not spending it on the internet that's where i have been.

  • Most people hate the update. Mainly, the closing questions feature.
    However, like Aizou, I don't mind it as much as the private opinions.

  • Like 99.98% of the users hate it.

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