What is up with the notifications on here?

Why all the extra notifications every time someone gets a MHO on a question that was opinionated on?


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  • I am Being INUNDATED with Even More Now than Ever Before, @jman46241
    Exactly!!! I am quite sure You don't Wish to See My MHO to Waste your Time and Space... And what is This with Throwing me All of these Questions With What Someone is Asking? Yes, Following/Followers, I am Surprised they Don't Fling All 461 At me.
    Although Happy I saw yours, we Can Complain the Same together in Harmony.:))
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks for the Like, sweetie. xxoo

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    • I just "re-asked" this question lol

    • lol!!! Hope I am NOTIFIED. lol!!! xxoo

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  • It's driving me fuckin crazy

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