Should Private reply questions be in another tab or segregated?

I don't now when it was changed (GAG never sends an email/notice about changes), but I have seen a lot of questions that are private replys. It never says it on the the questions before you clikc on them and you only notice after you have read them and got to the bottom.

Do you think they should be labeled or can be seperated out like having a filter (all, private, public) Questions?

I think it stupid to have private as an option on a forum as no one can learn/take in everyone's opinion/views. Can't see if your views are in the minority/majority or why someone else thinks differently. I think it hinders the growth of people having questions posted this way. What do you other GAGs think?

  • Yes- Private reply questions are stupid and counterproductive to the grow of GAG and the people using it.
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  • No- I like that no one can see anyone else's opinions as the questions will have to be asked over and over a hundred times.
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  • I'm not a fan of the private option. Here's what it can lead to when someone elects to only allow private opinions and then the question gets closed.

    Pretty useless, right? We already have an anonymous system which I feel is overused and in some cases abused. Being private will only add to that problem, not lessen it.

  • I don't see the point in private questions at all.

    Would someone care to enlighten me?

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