Do you do this?

When you ask a question, do you leave an answer choice for people who dont have an experience?
EX: Have you jumped of a roller coaster?
1 Yes
2 NO
3 I have never ridden a roller coaster <-
Gaggers please fix your polls because your polls mean nothing when most people want to see the results so they pick a random option just to see them

  • Yes
    Vote A
  • no
    Vote B
  • sometimes
    Vote C
  • I dont do any of this
    Vote D
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more people need to know this


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  • I haven't created a poll question yet, but that is something that would be good to keep in mind.

  • Sometimes. Unless I want specific answers. But it still doesn't stop people from answering.

  • No I want detailed responses

    • in a poll (you are talking about a poll right) you can have detailed responses but you should have one for someone who doesn't share the experience

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    • I guess but I want every single person looking at the question to give a response and not just click yes or no. Even with a description there's no guarantee that they'll do it so it limits the amount of people that actually do write responses.

    • you make a good point

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