Does anyone feel like deleting their account?

I don't know why but past few days with the updates and just still seeing stupid question when I have already blocked topics makes me want to just delete the account. I'm thinking about it actually because it feels like I'm at the wrong place.

What are your opinions?
Are you okay with the updates and the quality of the question?


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  • I did , but came back again hahha

    ... in hindsight , i wish i had of just went inactive instead of deactivating

    • lol probably that what everyone does. I'm starting to think GAG is an addiction :)

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    • GaG is very addictive, but i also have some good friends on here and i missed them too much lol

    • Thanks for the MHO

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  • Nah, I'll still be here, but there need to be fixed to the newest update.

  • @Pinksissy did this Morning as I slept... She has Now left the Stage with Rage.
    Good luck and GAG Needs to Consider Someone Else besides their Push Button Fingers, @silentkid.

  • I do feel the urge to delete it sometimes but I won't until a certain time.


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