Seeing non-promoted/featured myTakes?

Am I blind? Is there no feed which includes the myTakes which haven't been featured or promoted?
If you click on myTakes in the different topics it shows only promoted/featured ones too.

And since I just noticed that you can't promote myTakes for XP I'm asking myself, where can people actually find them other than hidden on peoples profile pages? I guess I'm blind because everything else would be ridiculous and a waste of time.


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  • The only way to see un-promoted myTakes is to view it from a members profile or when a user you are following shares one, it will appear on your Live Feed when they post it or when someone shares an opinion on it. Other than that, the actual myTakes page only shows myTakes that have been approved and promoted by admin staff.

    • Thanks but in that case my first myTake was also my last one. Not putting much time into something most people will probably never see.

      I really don't see the point in hiding them that much.

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  • I liked that they brought back the option to read the takes which aren't promoted. But they took away this again.

    I doubt any moderator reads myTakes which are not promoted.

    You can always find/read it in the OP's profile tho.

    • yeah but how many people go through profiles looking for new myTakes... yeah no one.
      the few insane people who left the notifications for new questions/mytakes of followers on and the few people that will see it in the feed in the moment you post it will notice it... and other than that it's for the bin should it not get promoted or you don't tag a bazillion people in it

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    • Yes. That's why I avoid them.

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  • No mytakes for xper?

    Guess I'm out of gag now XD

    Gosh, they know I'm the biggest xper whore already.

    • you get XP if your myTakes are promoted/featured (50/150). I meant you can't use XP to promote it and make it more visible, like you can do it with questions.

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    • Haha that'd be awesome if you could promote your own mytakes.

      >OP goes to master status
      >OP saves all his xper
      >OP writes tons of propoganda rant mytakes on recent alien abductions, katy perry being jon benet in disguise, the moon landing being faked, and various odd topics
      >OP features them all with his vast amount of xper
      >GAG is flooded with propoganda for some weeks

    • @dangerDoge I meant the same way as you can promote questions... You have to pay 150xp and don't get any of course lol

  • Dude your right. You can't they kinda of get lost on gag!

    • why would I wanna put much work into a mytake if the risk that most people can't see it is very high lol

    • Yeah I know the feeling! I write for myself lol! haha!

  • Click on "Feed" at the top of the page. At the bottom of that menu, click "All MyTakes". Bingo.

  • I have no idea but that s pretty bad :/


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  • I think it has always been like this, at least since I joined anyways. It's kind of stupid.

    Recently I wrote a myTake about online dating. I thought it was alright, and it's a fairly popular topic, but it wasn't promoted. Nada, zip, zilch, the big goose egg.

    • I just looked into it and I noticed that if you go onto other people's profiles then their non-promoted mytakes appear at the bottom of the list. So if they have a lot of mytakes then the non-promoted ones just aren't going to be seen.

    • Sucks and makes so no fucking sense

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