Is this the end of gag as we know it?

Just look at the feedback.
this website went from a 5 star website.
to a half star website
Is this the end of gag as we know it?

I just don't understand what part of 'we don't like the update' don't they understand?
Gag in 2015 was much better, i know gag loses at least 10 users a day.

What they need to fix
The limited questions that can be active.
The slow speed.
The number of questions a day.
The questions closing after a couple days of inactivity, at least give it a month.
The question closing after most helpful answers are chosen,
they might be the most helpful but others may be able to help even more?

out of all the problems that need fixing
if you just fix these 5 mistakes..
we would love you again.

We asked for improvements!!!


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  • They should just delete it all.


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  • I do realize there is a lot of feed back on some of the updates they do.. but to my way of thinking they are trying new things out.. to see what works and what does not.. I am also sure they read the feedback as well.. but it is their website and to me a dam good one at that.. we can only hope that our feedback sways the final decision. but we have to wait to see what transpires.. until that time I will just make do best I can on this site.. I will not leave it unless I am banned or something but I do not ever for see that as I am not ever a rude person to any one, I rarely ever swear, and I just love that I can be my honest self on here and offer my opinions on things that I hope may somehow in even a small way help the person I commented to.

    I have never been judged for anything on here.. even for what I wear.. and we all sometimes have to play the hand that we are dealt in life at times.. well I play this one now where I wear diapers daily.. but excepted that fact a long time ago and I am a happy campers always.. because I know the outcome of my bad fall could have been so so much worse.. so being fast tracked to the world of adult diaper wearing from that day forward.. does not make me really any different then anyone else.. I still am the same ole me and I have red blood just like anyone else does.. take care

    • The correct way to try new things out is to beta test the new features before rolling them out to the public, NOT springing them on the entire user base without warning.

    • @Dandeus And I think it was mentioned late last week that they were going to start a beta test program.

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  • I have called a wahmbulance.

  • They keep "updating" things and making it worse.

    • They should've just left it how it was

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