Drug test home kit- job interview?

I haven't smoked weed since Feb.7 and I'm not really much of a smoker, I smoke once a month at most. I have a job interview March 9 and it has a drug test involved and I'm really nervous.. I went and bought a dollar tree test ( 2 of them) I used one and so did my sister. My sister is a heavy smoker who smokes everyday so we both knew she would test positive but we wanted to make sure this test worked.( if she came out positive we knew it had to work) I did the pee test and it came out negative. Should I be so worried? by the 9th I'll be 32 days "clean"..

The test is a mouth swab


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  • I'm pretty sure THC can be found in the blood anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks

    • Even for light users? I take maybe 3 hits of a joint when i smoke and like i said it's been since the 7. The drug test is a mouth swab by the way.

    • I'm not completely positive but I'm pretty sure the chemicals in marijuana no matter what amount are present up to 6 weeks. Since it was a light use I'm guessing you'll be good but I don't know for sure

  • Depends on what kind of test they give. If it's hair you're screwed.


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