How long does it take to remove a comment?

An offensive/antagonistic comment?


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  • It'd really depend. Us mods get a quick overview of some reported posts but obviously some of us don't get round to them or sometimes we just don't feel they violate the terms of the site. I guess the easiest way would be to contact one of us and bring it to our attention personally because we can't monitor every single question and we just might not see it :P

    • How long should I wait before contacting one?

    • Hey fellow mod!

    • Well, you can wait however long you want really. Any length of time that you feel reasonable, I guess? If you feel it should have been sorted out by now, then the best way to get immediate results is to link a mod to the question and point out which thing you think violates the site rules.

      @Toad-1 Heeeeey! Mod squad <3

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  • It depends on how busy the site employees are I think.


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