What is with these "closed" questions? Can somebody explain that to me? PLEASE. I don't understand it?

My friend is Xper 4 and I guess she can ask 3 questions a day. She has asked 2 and she cannot ask the third one because of a "problem with the closed questions".

Also, I have plenty of notifications and I want to check answers that people have given to my questions, but it says that a question is closed? Who closes them and what does that mean?

How can I close my own question, because I can't ask another unless I have closed previous ones?


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  • The problem is you can only have 4 questions open at a time so if you want to ask another question you must close a question to do that. It sucks.

    • You can close it by selecting MHA.

    • But to complicate it even further you can't choose MHA now until the question has been open for 24 hours.

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