What's up with my 'take' getting retooled and now I don't get notifications so I can participate in the descussion I started?

Why was my my take hijacked and is no longer mine? It's not with my 'my takes' and I did see it with other takes by accident but it's not mine anymore.
I already notified gag but naturally got no response. Has anyone else experienced this?


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What Girls Said 1

  • You mean you aren't credited as the owner or they edited it?

    • They added pictures and reformatted it and it is no longer linked to me in any way. I can't access it from my home and I don't get notifications on it so I can't participate in any discussions or comments on it.

What Guys Said 1

  • Seems like you may have disavowed it... When you disavow a post, it becomes anonymous and is removed from your profile and you don't get notifications anymore.
    You can disavow a post by clicking on the "chain" icon next to your post on your own profile.

    • How would I fix that?

    • Unfortunately you cannot claim posts after you disavowed them.

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