Which two guys on GAG should I crown as the King of GAG?

I am crowning the Queens of GaG as

@Victorianne and @Paris13

because they are two of most sweetest , nicest , most caring compassionate women of GAG community. No ones hearts compares to theirs
Which two guys on GAG should I crown as the King of GAG?SO,
Which two men of GAG desereve to be crowned the kings of GAG?
and why?

it is nearly time for the crowning. anyone else want to suggest a king of gag?


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  • WOW! thank you hahah i don't like the limelight so i would rather be a princess than the Queen... find me a handsome "Prince Charming" LOL

    I think @paris13 & @afro-dite9 & @apple deserve the throne and be crowned the Queens of G@Gβ™₯β™₯

    • I dub Afro-dite... DICKKKK SLAYERRRRR OF THE NORTHHHHH! lol therefore she can't be Queen of gag. Aka queen of blue ball's lol. You can be my Queen Tori but not @apple24 we're still fueding about that one. Paris is dope too. I have ur prince charming don't worry, he's in my trunk tied up duhhhh! What are fairy god mother's for? He wouldn't take the candy so I had to take drastic measure's and hit him over the head with a billy club.

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    • I mean delegating. Damn this auto correct haha

    • LOL!!! @Victorianne!!! xxoo

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  • A VERY SPECIAL MENTION to the ASKER who Mentioned Me here, dear... I bow down to you and Thank you so much for this.. I am so Honored, sweetie.
    Aside from yourself, who is probably my friend, follow and follower, it IS:
    @Mooky06 my Little Sister, who is a Bestie from the Restie and I love with all my heart for All her Goodness, her own Heart of gold and Never a harsh word about anyone nor anything. I have been Truly Blessed to have such a sister who will stand beside me, go to Bat for me and Know that no matter what, I can count on her.. Love you, sis, and thank you for being You.
    @CaramelCookie My Middle sister who I love for two years, Respect, Enjoy on Gag and laugh and have and share good times Outside the Box, and is My Family and and Bestie Friend, and she Knows that no matter what, we are Blood and Bond.
    @complic8ted is My SO Very Important and Special Friend and Quite Like a Sister to me in so many ways. She has been a Bestie from the Start, we have a Great repore, Always have one another's back, and I find her to be Educated, Highly Intelligent, A Perfect Lady, which makes a Good team with this Wise ol owl here.
    @*RicanEyes My cousin, who is a True Bough to the Bond that shall Never break.. I am so lucky to have her as part of my Family because the family that Prays together, Stays Together... Love you, cos, and thank you.
    @Victorianne My Bestie friend for Friends till the Ends of the Earth.. I am Seeing a True Blue Friend and Someone so very Special in Heart, Soul and Never out of Mind, that I want Everyone on Gag to Know that She is a Rear Gem and Always a Friend to Anyone who is lucky enough to know her.
    @Skykidx1 My bro who is this loyal friend for two years and thankfully counting. He is there every day for me, without fail, and without him, I would be lost... Love you, Sky.
    @AppleFan1 My bro of a BRO.. The sweetest and most loving bro and friend that a girl gagger could ever hope for.. I love you.
    @Hans222 My bro who is always here and rarely forgets Me on gag and so appreciate your Kindness and Faithfulness and Amazing Personality and Never Selfish Ways on any of these Days... You have This Positive side that is so Rare on GAG and Everyone on this Site, could Learn a Thing or Two about What makes a True Human Being in Life... I love you too, Hans.
    *I have Many Friends, Follows and Followers and Want them to Know a Big Crown for Them in my Own Heart which has Plenty of Room and Love for One and All. xxoo

  • @Victorianne and @Paris13 you two have been summoned.
    Two guys? meh

    • Thank you so much, sis, @mooky06 for the Kind Mention of the "Crown," and in my own heart, This Makes me feel like a Real Queen because I am so lucky to have a sister like you and a Mot Amazing Friend like @Victorianne as Someone who has TOO, a Heart of Gold for young and Old..
      On behalf of @Victorianne, sis, "Thank you so much," she is taking some "Busy time at home" to get things done but back Soon... For Everyone. xxoo

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    • Ohhh, my sis @mooky06 a heart of gold :)) xxoo

    • Haha no guy will want to be the king... you have to abide by the protocol than. Feels like handcuffs, the most useless thing that has ever been invented is the protocol :-(
      If I could re-write the law, the protocol would be replaced by "when you approach a royalty be polite and respectful"... and that would be it :D

  • ME OF COURSE! I was born to be a Queen! (:

  • Waaaay too many loving and sweet guys here to narrow it down to 2.

  • It always pleases my vindictive little heart when the Fruit Pretender doesn't get chosen despite calling herself queen until she's blue in the face.

    I don't know or particularly care who should be king, but I would like to nominate @fenixx0083 as court jester because he always makes me laugh.

    • *grabs the funny-hat and makes a break for it before he can be shouted down*

      MINE (!)!

    • @fenixx0083 YAAAAAS in true antihero fashion...

    • *over his shoulder as he runs*

      I'D LIKE TO THANK ALL THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE SUPPORTED me and made it possible for me to reach- *disappears into yonder*

  • talk to the hand xD

  • There are no good looking guys here... they all look drunk

    • You havnt seen me then

    • not just the good looking ones. i mean the ones who are good on gag at helping people

  • oh good god, πŸ™„.

    • anyone in mind?

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    • No need to be angry

    • Lol good point sweettckae These popularity contests make me feel like I time-portaled back to grade 9 lol!

  • Umm can be a king?

  • lol, no one cares.

  • I would crown @Iron_man and @1smooth28 not just as kings of gag but I would crown them kings for being two awesome men

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