Why isn't the mytake I wrote submitting?

For some reason it goes to the review part. Then when I try to press the submit. I dosn't move on from it at all. Just stays on the page and doesn't give me a red box telling me what's wrong. So I have no idea what's going on. Anyone know why it's doing this?

Yes I still have 2 more mytakes I could post today. Not it's not to long to be submitted.
Like I said the weird thing is the fact that it's not showing up a red warning sign. Saying if it's too long or too short. That I'm missing something or anything. It's just acting like it's stuck on the review part and won't submit.
FINALLY! Got it to post! What I had to do was delete the whole mytake and create another page to put what I had written on it. Then it finally accepted it. Still annoying as hell when it didn't give any red error -_-


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  • What is the error message you are getting?

    • I'm not getting any error message. That's the problem since I don't know if it's me doing something wrong. That or if maybe the mytake part for me is messing up.

  • Can we blame the GAG update again?

  • Log off and log back in that usually fixes it.

    • I've tried that when I close the browser and open it again. Though I'll try actually logging off and back on and see if it works.

  • it's called lag, you must call the lag police


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