Is gaging good for 13 -16 minors?

Lately i have been seeing... most of posts about looks, personality, sex. WTF... is it good for them to use girlsaskguys... sure light knowledge about dating n relationship will help... but aren't they too young?,,, they don't even know wtf life is? n god forbid if some young kid got in some serious problem?
by the way i m especially targeting 13 -15 age range

i try to convince them that they r young n immature... n try to not be negative about them

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C this for example by @LovelyComputerVirus her question is "is her dad being creepy" take a full good look and tell me what if the father is not sexual predator will all these people who r helping a 14 yr girl to sow seed of hate for him... won't it ruin her life bc of some idiots...
On other hand she consulted gag first... but she should have consulted her mother first... that's one of the reasons for social divide by the way today's families... please share ur opinions.. read her ques's cmnts. all bieng


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  • Well, if you read the question, you'd see it's not her dad. This is a man that she has known for a few days who has suddenly moved into her home and is calling her pet names like 'sweetie' and 'little one'. To a 14 year old girl, yes, that behaviour is incredibly creepy.

    There are lots of reasons why someone might not be comfortable talking to their parent for something like that - for example, in this situation, she may feel that her mother will simply brush her aside and support her new boyfriend. I know that if that situation happened with my mother, she would be absolutely furious with me and would call me every name under the sun for even thinking that her partner wasn't trustworthy. You don't know the girl's relationship with her mother, she knows better than you how she would react. For all you know, encouraging her to tell her mom is encouraging her to walk directly into the path of abuse, you have to consider the situation from all possible angles.

    This way, she was able to get other people's opinions. She didn't know whether she was overreacting - now she can see whether people agree with her that she should tell her mother, she knows that it's not all in her head. Speaking to people on here was really no different for her than speaking to a child's hotline who would give her the same type of support.

    Questions where underage people post inappropriate pictures of themselves are obviously wrong and us mods do our best to protect them and keep that stuff offline. However, in this particular girl's situation, she did the right thing by asking for advice from adults.

    • Would you take the responsibility of some crazy advise given to her by some kid of her own age?

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    • All you are talking about is this specific case, and No I'm not going for restrictions (pls read the other cmnts here)... all u can do is to think for her but she won't tell u what advice she will agree to... its upto the community how to infest the child's mind... i do think majority of people here are nice but some are not (i know there are) who may knowingly or not can spoil future of a kid.
      yes she was sensible enough to ask first.. ok.. good... she got good response... ok... good... but not every teen... can u mod all things?

    • I'm talking about this specific case because that's the example you gave. In my original comment, I mentioned other situations but you chose to stay to this one so I followed your lead and have continued to speak with you about it.

      I can't mod everything, no. But I will get alerted if something gets reported - if you are so concerned that any child is receiving inappropriate advice, then it's up to you to alert the mods either through the report function or to alert through a message. Generally, the mods are very good at taking down anything that may put a child in danger - especially regarding the 'How Do I look?' category - but it's up to the users to alert us to it a lot of the time.

      As I said, coming to this site is really no different to going to a helpline where the advice can be just as biased. Should we start panicking about children accessing those too or should we realise children aren't complete idiots?

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  • I have learned a lot while using this site. I am happy to have the opportunity to use this website. I never give advice on what I can't give advice on, and I respect other users. Giving us the opportunity to learn "what life is" is important. Not everyone is so "young n immature" as you say. There are plenty of people who are. I'm not saying I'm not immature, but using this website and learning about life is what is making me more mature. Learning about what people to befriend, and what people to avoid, and what people think about certain subjects that I want to learn more about. It sounds like you want the minimum age to go up to 16? Well, I am definitely not on here for purely sexual and looks based reasons. Interacting with adults is good for my developing mind. Sure, I might run into some content that is not relevant to the way I'm living, but who knows? I could quite possibly be put in a situation someday that was discussed on here. I feel that others of my age group feel to some degree the feelings and opinions I express. Besides, I'm sure that most of the people who say that we are too young would want to be entitled to the same respect and privilege as we are if they were our age.

    • Like i said some knowledge is good but "rate my ass " is that any good.. sure some kids like u are smart enough to know ur boundaries but not everyone is... there maybe some who will post "go fuck urself my life my rulez"

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    • I wholeheartedly agree sir, if only it wasn't so cold! ❄️💨😁

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  • I don't think it's great but it's better than a lot of other sites. At least GaG is moderated and has people watching out for them.

  • Everyone was a kid at some point. Even you. At that age they might also have questions and be curious. It is within human nature and can only be helpful for them to have a platform to get advice from older folks.

  • Too young.

  • Um! Its the internet!

  • It's fine. 13-16 year minors already know that sex is a part of our lives.
    I don't think it's harmful to them to be using a dating site in order to ask questions, nor is it bad of them to learn a few information in regards to sex.

    • Like i said some info is good... but "rate my ass"?

    • it's their choice to have their ass rated, although to be fair, I don't really know what they plan to achieve with that. It must take quite the conditioning to believe your value as a person is determined by the value of your butt.

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  • ""she should have consulted her mother first""

    Oh I remember the good old times when I consulted my father.

    Which was NEVER because if you asked him ANYTHING you shouldn't have been asking yet, he would YELL AT YOU FOR AN HOUR. Yes, sure, yelling isn't as bad as being beaten up, my father at least was never physically abusive. That would have been a great time.

    You know what it is that ACTUALLY creates "social divide in today's families"? ABUSIVE PARENTS whom their children CANNOT TRUST. The parents whom you ask, and they tell you 'you're too young to know this" and then punish you for asking. So they ask anonymous people on the internet who can't hurt them, with minimal risk involved.

    And the actual scary thing is that people think they ought to "protect" children with censorship rather than proper explanations. I don't see why being kept in the dark would contribute to personal growth. It just keeps you ignorant, and that's how you end up pregnant as a teen.

    Did you know that teenage pregnancy dropped in the USA sharply after they created campaigns to inform kids about birth control options rather than just say "Jesus will punish your cats if you masturbate"?

    I think GAG is helpful (especially if you call out on the detrimental bullshit like gender roles and sexual deviances), exactly because it's not as heavily *censored* ("Adult Topic" is technically censorship, but it's because legal forces believe censorship is helpful. Yet all they show in media is violence over violence...)

    In the end, the only way people can truly gather information is if they lie about their age. If you need to be 14 to be here, they'll say they are 14. If you say 18, they'll just say they are 18. But that skews with advice, so it's better if we see their age. They would come here either way.

    ... And this was not a good answer at all. Too ranty.

    Oh well.

    • You clearly forgot to read the fact that you talk about how there's a "family divide", well that's never without reason. If a family is stable and the parents are considered trustworthy by their children, then they'll be eager to share what happens to them and ask for advice.

      If you can't trust your parents, obviously you can look elsewhere. But that doesn't mean it's not the parents' fault. It's definitely not the "other sources of information" that are to be blamed for not asking parents first.

      I've seen stable families before where there is no disconnect between the child and the parent. It was an interesting sight considering my own background, where there was minimal connection beyond being in their house and having your necessities paid for.

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    • I can't comment on that question because the QA has me blocked for whatever unknown reason, lol.

    • Kk cu later

  • I with most of the others while it is not totally satisfactory GaG is somewhat of a safe controlled community site - The alternative is they would lie about their age and may be exposed to a lot worse if people thought they were young adults of 18/19/20 - You do see users look out for the minors on the site in a big sister/brother sort of way.

  • Everyone needs answers.

  • Who cares dude? I don't give a shit about age... everyone's welcomed

    • Other stuff matter...

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