Who do you think bullies more on G@G?

  • Men. Burn women with logic.
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  • Women. Women gangrape men who write anti feminist takes.
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  • Women posing as blue anons.
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  • Men posing as pink anons.
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  • Just men.
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  • Just women.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I would say both.
    I disagree with @abundantlyrich although I have noticed maybe one or two rude comments from (Under 18), I see more drama with (18-24).

    • I actually agree with you. I have seen some teenagers that bully but then you will get some in all age ranges. I think the worse are the 18s to 24s.

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What Girls Said 4

  • Some women pose as men. Some men pose as women. Some women= who take feminism too seriously. Some men= try to outsmart women. So it's both genders really.

  • The teenagers of course... which are the biggest bullies preying the weak and innocent in high school.. or somethings they are over sensitive when some says they prefer a certain [insert race]

  • There are a reason why I love men, and that's why they are better trolls :)

  • People can lie on the internet. Some might be on the other gender's account posing. Some might not have the same age bracket as they are irl. So it's really hard to say. I voted for men, though. Even if it's trolling, I see more blue users than pink that bully.


What Guys Said 5

  • From my personal experience, men.

    One was a mod. He just stalked me and criticised me for everything I write here and reported a lot of posts and eventually, blocked me and left this site after a few months.
    Second was same, but he wasn't mod. He used to criticise the admins for making me a mod and promoting me (back in 'ol days)
    Third one harassed me on PM, opinions comments. He threatened me to kill me. He abused my parents and my nation. He downloaded my pics and asked "rate me" questions by writing "I'm a pig ass" on it.

    So, it is guys. There are a lot of girl trolls and there might be a few cyber-bullies too but I never encountered them.

    • Just because you're Indian?

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    • Well, anything can happen online. No one is here to make an eye contact, no one is here to touch you. People can speak their inner self openly.

    • Wow that really sucks, whats wrong with people

  • From my over 6 years of being on GaG, it is the men that easily bully more and with more intensity.

    Trust me I know; I've been a target of a large-scale one-sided #GaGBeef aka I was a target of bullying. I've been the target of some female one-sided #GaGBeef as well, but nowhere near as intense.

  • Usually guys who are assholes on here will stand by themselves and then everyone will attack them.

    The girls who are bullies have like a gang and they defend each other.

  • Well in some cases I've noticed women ganging up on guys who didn't even have it coming.

    • Ikr, I feel sorry for the poor sucker.

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    • @kaylaS91 we are not playing the victim card. You are a classic example of a woman that won't take responability for her actions. When did I ever say it is solely because a person has a vagina, I never said that. I said I see women bullying way more on this site than men because I do and you have have major issues with me telling the truth. I was not talking about only me, I was talking about to other men in general and even to women. So why don't you get your facts right. Also "all those women", pfft… how do you know how many women. There are women I don't like and get on with yes but then there are lots of women I do like and get on with to and that is normal for anyone.

    • @kaylaS91 You know I actually do believe in people taking responability for their actions in life and when a man says a woman should to women always come out with this victim card shit. The biggest people I see by far that use that victim card shit is women.

  • Both are equally bad...

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