Why does it feel like GAG is becoming 85% myTakes and 15% questions? How do I find questions I want to answer? Please read the description?

Why does it feel like GAG is becoming 85% myTakes and 15% questions? How do I find questions I want to answer? Please read the description?




I am beginning to find myself on the website less and less and with each visit becoming less satisfying and I think it's mainly due to the fact that this site is bombarding me with myTakes without me really being able fully surf through questions I am interested in answering. Sure, you can argue that there is the live feed and topic filters but it isn't enough.

Things like me adopting the Miles Edgeworth persona and such is what I do make my life more interesting on this website which in itself is saying something.

Futhermore, what I usually do to find worthwhile questions is simply go on questions which are unanswered but there have been too many times where 1 or 2 people post a response to a question I would be delightful to give me brilliant feedback on (sarcasm) but would no longer be there in the unanswered section nor would it be a "popular" questions either. Usually, popular questions are bombarded in my feed rendering it more difficult to see these 2 response questions etc.


I am confident the questions I want to see are here. I just have trouble finding them due to above reasons. Should I just face the fact that this is the future of GAG for me or am I just not trying hard enough?


... And the ***2 day thing about questions closing*** doesn't help at all!!!


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  • don't you click on the questions tab? that shows u questions only...
    am i the only one that does that or what? lol

  • Thank you! And you're absolutely right it is. Why do you ask? Because...

    1. Some people are making random pointless takes

    2. People want to earn more xper points

    3. Everyone is trying to become an editior

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      I fear that the myTake situation will change the paradigm of this website. It's interesting though because the thing with questions only last for a while before it's closed would encourage people to ask questions which lack any real substance encouraging the bullshit.

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    • Yeah I know I absolutely hate the 48hr rule about the questions... You're right on the mark it's getting harder and harder to find good questions to answer and the only ones I that constantly pop up are rate me questions or obvious questions when people ask what does this mean -_-

    • vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/.../latest

      I agree. But I would say that the "What does this mean?" varies a lot; if there's actually a situation they describe then I can be happy helping them. However, when there are those who ask the question lacking any further description with it can be a pain to deal with.

  • I feel you. Gag is going downhill


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  • It's obviously because myTakes aren't closed, and questions are.

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