How many users do you think are on this site?

Active ones.
Around 110k likes on FB
Average of 100,000 likes on topics
About 600k in the "GAG Community"

I think there are about 500k-700k users on the site and maybe 600k active users?

  • 1k-50k
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  • 50k-100k
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  • 200k-400k
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  • 500k-700k
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  • 600k-800k
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  • Around 1 million
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  • I think the whole world uses this site, I also think America is on a different planet from the rest of the world.
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What Guys Said 1

  • i mean, how many of those used to be on this site vs on now? if it's ever, well over a million, no question, but for now, i see the same people with a few more in between. also, you can't really tell because half of the people go anon. so i think anywhere between 200k-400k i guess.


What Girls Said 1

  • Wow! i didn't think there were that many

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