Should you be able to 'reinstate' a question?

Multiple times now, I've noticed questions which are very mundane and basic go hot or get in the spotlight thanks to a mod or editor liking it, yet I asked a question that really mattered to me personally twice and both times if got one opinion, so I disclosed it and asked it once more and I got flagged for duplicate, to me this is just a broken system, they claim duplicates affect the feed poorly yet if no one checked out the first one then it clearly didn't 'get too much attention over others' I really think GaG needs to completely gut their moderators and make new sets of rules for that,

however I think if your question got literally like 4-5 votes and 1 opinion you should be able to submit it the feed too again even just once or if that doesn't work twice. I don't understand the trigger happy logic of duplicates being destroyed when they aren't even getting noticed anyway, it's broken. And I know several who've I recommended this site initially, then when they've told me they left and I asked why, it's almost always the same; my question got like 1 vote and then mods took it down.


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  • You can ask for a question to be featured yourself.

    The automatic featuring is just to encourage people to ask interesting questions, it's ot nothing to do with it being person to the asker.

    • I did but 'how do I looks' and others can't be featured.., so yeah doesn't exactly work.

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    • I did reword, more than once, the only thing maybe the sand was the pics

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • Hello, man.

    That's an interesting idea. We would have to really consider all the implications of allowing people to do that, but it's now on my list of things to discuss internally.

    Thank you! ;)

    • Hey also when they removed a 'duplicate' it still tells me my question they took down was open, so I can't ask more now. Any ideas? I'm going to be honest my patience with this site is growing thin. I don't care about all these questions or continuing my time here just want to ask literally one so I get insight into what I face and I'll be on my way.

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