Don't you still hate the new updates with the close and open questions feature mh if you still leave 4 questions open you can't ask anymore questions?

Obviously for every level its different but its like the same thing they are still forcing us to play their game. It pointless to leave a certain amount of open questions and even now being able to give mh and still leave it open you still can't ask anymore questions unless you close a certain amount. I want it back the old way how it used to be.

  • Yes I want it back the way it used to be with limited questions and no closed questions at all
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  • No I like the way it is now
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Wow I never even knew that there was a limit to how many questions you can ask without selecting MH... But then again I don't ask as many questions as you do.

    Yeah I'm still pissed about questions getting closed but I'm even more pissed about not being able to leave my opinion if they already selected MH.

    • No no if you don't select mh you you can ask however many you want, but after you select mh and decide not to close it your questions are limited. So its like we are still forced to close questions cause if we don't then we can't ask questions.

    • Thanks for MH :)

Most Helpful Guy

  • I can put up with only having a limited number of questions active at a time but I don't like it when questions are automatically closed after a certain time period - I want that to be my choice.

    Also, giving MHO doesn't mean as much anymore because you could just be giving anyone MHO, even if their opinion is crap and you disagree with it, in order to close the question just so you could ask a new one.

    The system before was good.

    • I'd like to change my answer a bit. I have some more questions to ask now but I don't want to close the questions I have open - it's annoying. I preferred the 3 question per day limit. If only they could combine that with the ability to close questions.

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What Girls Said 4

  • It doesn't bother me since I don't ask many questions, but I can understand the frustration.

  • They need to fix tgat

  • i think it was fine before

  • I like the part about the 4 open questions it keeps the trolls from spamming useless repetitive questions.


What Guys Said 1

  • I agree with you but I think here should be better selection. Lot of question is still repeating over and over , lot of them is quite hateful and only smaller amount is giving sense. I think here should be more moderators / admins to work in this forum.
    1. But everybody has right to ask his/her question
    2. Number of questions should be adequte to certain level ( newbie can't ask 10 Qs-its system of deserving it)
    3. Admin/moderator control should be much more higher
    And more... Im answering it only from one reason: My wife is working for this forum in another country and its quite better.
    Personally, Im sure the system - leveling up here is correct.

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