Aren't these GaG features annoying y'all?

Why do i have to wait 24 hours before i can pick an MHO? i asked a Q 12 hours ago. no one else is answering, and i've alread gotten satisfying answers. but nooo... if i wants to pick me an MHO or two, i gots to wait 24 hours y'all! sorry, i felt like talking like Bruce from family guy there, but you get my point.

and now that i'm ranting anyway, why does GaG keep closing Q's so early? if there are two MHO's i coulld totally understand, but most peeps haven't even gotten any answers they find helpful, yet the Q is closed already and someone who could actually have something good to say, can't answer anymore..

C'mon you silly GaG, you...
change things back to how they were!

  • I wants things to be changed back to how theys were before y'all! (thx Bruce!)
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  • oh nooo. i don't cares much about this y'all. let things be like theys are now (shut up Meg.. i mean Bruce!)
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  • I believe they changed it back to waiting 24 hours before choosing MHO. I don't mind that so much. I just am not a fan of questions closing so soon or the private opinions.

  • Can you not pick MHO after you get 3+ answers anymore? Because it used to be 24h or 3+ answers, whichever came first.


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