Should GaG change the MHO% badge?

Hello fellow GaGsters!

Lately i am getting a little annoyed by the MHO badges next to the names, its mainly because i don't think its an accurate representation of someone at all. Right now i feel punished for interacting and sharing my opinion on anything i am not an absolute master about. Why would i bother statistics wise if i can get a higher score by writing super helpfull essays every few months on subjects i know i will be the most helpfull in.

So here is my idea :
We bring back the dislike button and remove the MHO% badge, then we replace that with a like to dislike ratio similar to what you will find on youtube for videos. This way everyone who is considered helpfull a lot will have a high ratio instead of having to get random luck on mho's when multiple people gave a good opinion.

So which one do you preffer? Perhaps you have a different idea.
Give your feedback in the opinions!

  • Sawno's system is way better, change it GaG!
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  • The old system is way better, never touch my MHO!!
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  • They both sound equally good, i am indifferent
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  • Its all shit, hunt for my own idea in the opinion section.
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  • I honestly don't care about this but really wanted to click a vote button
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  • There are a few people who get liked simply for being popular and thus they will always be at the top. But most people really do choose MHO's based on the answers that a person gives so the percentage may be representative of something.


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  • I like this idea. I suggest giving it a try and see how users react to it.

  • I don't know about your change of the system to like/dislike ratio because I comment on a lot of stuff I disagree with and I'd get fucked into oblivion.

    • How did that used to go when the old dislike button was still active?
      Nobody agree'd with you?

    • I had a lot of dislikes but my MHO was fairly high 20%+ although now I just comment on a ton of shit and it's gone down to 16.

  • Keep it like it is now. In acc to updates its the best one. ( my opinion)

  • I go always anonymous... so it doesn't matter to me... why don't ya do it as well? Trust me... yer gonna enjoy GAG more...

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