"rate this person" wha.. why?

i get why people here like to know how others see them and get "rated" (though i don't like the number thing..)
but i so oftain see people asking for a rateing of someone else.. why? i don't get it..


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  • There are so many reasons :-
    ●Some people download the pics of their crush from the facebook and post the pics here.
    ●Some are fanboys who post pics of their favourite celebrity.
    ●Some post pics of their friends because they don't have an account here.
    ●Some just fake themselves that they are not them in the picture. They lack self-confidence.

  • I don't understand it either? If you wanna get rated post your pics , not of someone who supposedly "looks like you"

  • Rating their partners or they dont want people to think they are rating themselves

    • why would you want people to rate your partner? i just don't get it

    • Some guys get off on knowing other people think their girl is hot

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