Should the "recommended questions" after asking a question be removed, since all of them are usually 'closed' anyway?

  • yes, remove the "recommended questions", absolutely pointless since we can't answer the questions
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  • yes, give an option in the settings to remove closed questions from "recommended questions"
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  • no, leave the "recommended questions" at the status quo, so users can at least read these closed question for extra advice
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  • If the recommended questions are closed, then why bother?

    Maybe the recommended questions should be for questions which are still unanswered? Get people more involved with the site. Or suggest questions from a category that the user hasn't been as active in. This would encourage people to get more involved on the site :)


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  • Closed questions are excluded from the Recommended Questions algorithm. However, since it is not refreshed every time you post an opinion, you might see one or two closed questions in there. If you notice this happening more often though, please just let us know. Taking screenshots of the issue is always helpful to us as well. :)

  • If there closed absolutely get rid of them. Not all are closed this one of yours wasn't. lol hahahaaha

  • Yep.

    And stop auto-closing them so quickly after MHO is awarded. I think a lot of Askers don't even realize that. But I'm ok with questions that are inactive for 48 hours and/or like a week old closing and coming off my feed.

    • A week I can deal, 48 hours in my opinion is a slim margin

    • I'm still pushing for 30 days before closing a question. Yeah, I know, it's like pushing a boulder up hill, but a lot of people don't check in here once every 2 or 3 days. And I'm now starting to see where I'm being awarded MHO by the system (not the asker) when my opinion is the only one submitted. Questions should remain open the same period of time that MHOs are automatically picked. To me, that just makes sense.

    • @VirginiaBeachBum I very much dig your idea!

  • Not just recommended questions though.
    Most questions here are only helpful to the OP of that question anyway, so might as well allow them to delete them themselves or have someone decide if the question the OP wants to delete is very valuable to other members of the community or not.
    By all means, please delete the closed questions without any replies.

  • Yup, It is quite a downer, Especially if it was a good question and i wanted to put my 2 cents in... :(

  • yea, waste of space

    • ... actually none of the recommended questions that appeared after I answered this were closed

    • you lucky duck! All the recommended questions for me when I asked this were all closed! Maybe i'm just jinxed today. :-P

  • better to remove

  • Do you have a say in it? Cause those closed questions are really annoying.

    • I genuinely feel the admins do take my input in higher regard in comparison to other users and other mods, because I've always been objective about the sites' changes. Most of the changes I can understand the vision and can understand business-wise why the change was done.

      Even with the removal of the downvote, I was ok with initially, while 89% of the site was raising their pitchforks. :-P

      But the "automatic closing of questions"... it is no secret that I hate this stupid shit. I can understand questions being outdated and closed to make room for new ones, but make the length longer without activity before it is closed (I would make it 7 days).

    • ... or allow us to manually close them ourselves

    • Yeah I agree

      Maybe even until the question asker decides to to close the question themselves.

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