Has there ever been a case where ubermods have pissed off each other?

You know... Like how some moronic mods here go moderating legit questions and taking them out of the loop for hours on end, has there been a case where two mods have pissed of each other and started cracking each other comments till the Admin shook them down or something?

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  • Nope. Don't know.
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  • Damn. Would be fun to watch it.
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  • Happens all the time, we just don't know it.
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  • I'm sure it has happened before...

    • Oh, you're an uber. Any skeletons in the closet?

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    • I actually agree with you. I don't think being too extreme is a good moderator quality as it can make you difficult to approach on this site with issues or concerns. I've seen some moderators openly being anti-female which was quite upsetting. I'm sure there anti-male ones too.

    • Yeah, this site had some potential once upon a time.

Most Helpful Guy

  • When I was an UberMod, a SuperMod was so jealous of me because of something. He used to stalk me and talk shit about me in front of me and behind my back too. he managed to remove two opinions of mine and I did that to him too. Eventually, he left this site because he thought that this site is unfair to him and he is not getting the recognition/popularity he deserves. smh.

    Our reports were successful as we were good with the guidelines, but I managed to get one reinstated ;)


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  • I've never seen it, but it'd be pretty funny :P

  • No, but I'd love to see that.


What Guys Said 1

  • I have never seen them escalate that far, but I do know of some ubermods that don't get along with each other. I don't think either of them would go so far as to remove legit questions just to be a dick, but they probably would be more critical/judging of questions from people they don't like.

    In example, one ubermod may look at a question and be like, "WOW, look how sexist, rascist, and horrible this! *removes/flags for offensive*"

    In actuality, the question may not be like that, but they are halfway judging the person based on what they think about them from the past.
    Stuff like that goes down, and that is when the admins just reinstate it.

    As for admin intervention... If an uber flags too much stuff that isn't actually breaking any rules though, an admin will send a message saying to stop it.

    So I wouldn't say it happens exactly like you described, but it kind-ish happens I guess?

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