Should G@G emails be Safe for Work?

From my brief experience G@G sends out two types of emails:

- Basic What Happened Yesterday? status reports

- Announcements for lack of a better term

We're going to talk about announcements. Usually these have innocuous titles like "Treat Yo Self This Valentine's Day: Enter To Win A $50 Amazon Gift Card‏" and discuss "relevant" MyTakes like Valentine's date ideas or whatever.

That was not the case with today's email that arrived in my inbox. First of all it's titled "Threesomes Examined, What Sort of Sex Makes You Squeal?‏"

Uhhhhhh... that is not workplace appropriate. Does G@G like to conveniently forget that many of their users are not only under 18 but also view their email from work or in public?

The topics featured in this email include:

- Everything You've Wanted To Know About ThreesomesThreesomes.
This take was posted by the GaGTake account and was written off as fap material and largely useless, but G@G is determined to push it I guess.

-Why Rejection Isn't Always A Bad Thing
-Vaginas: Is Yours Normal?
-What Type Of Sex For You?
-The Right Amount Of Time To Date Before Marriage
-10 Signs He Doesn't Care About You
-8 Simple Ways To Eat Healthier
-My Life With Tiny Boobs in 6 Ways
-What Qualities Guys Look For In A Girlfriend
-How Guys Really Feel About High-Maintenance Girls

Okay. So Is it just me or are almost all of these prey on either some sexual topic (NSFW) or insecurities (which is another topic for another day)? Many of them would have also have made a better title. OR G@G could have even gone for a general Takes Of The Week or some other type of newsy title.

SO! Should G@G emails be SFW or is NSFW a-okay with you?

  • SFW is a MUST
  • NSFW is okay with me
  • Other...
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Most Helpful Guy

  • That's why gag doesn't have my real email xD. Even if their emails were more appropriate I still wouldn't use my main email address for here because I couldn't handle the spam but yes I agree. A lot of of other websites have NSFW filters in place. (Not Safe For Work)

    • IKR? Not even tumblr sends out newsletters or "look what's on tumblr" with NSFW content unless your blog is flagged NSFW.

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What Guys Said 3

  • You can unsubscribe (opt out) from emails anytime. Considering you're an UberMod, you must have been logging in a lot of times a week so, it's unlikely that you'll miss any chance for contests or important news. You cannot expect SFW content from G@G. It's based on that.

    • This is not a question of opting out. It's a question of should a site that is set up as PG13 be sending out material that would get you in trouble at work or with your parents.

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    • I'm going to guess it's because you're a pot stirrer and like to turn things into arguments for the lols and think that if it doesn't bother you specifically, it shouldn't bother anyone else. Apathy is a disgusting habit.

      But hey. You do you.

    • You think like that? Ok I don't mind. Be happy. It was nice meeting you and spending time with you. Best of luck for your future. Keep smiling :)

  • That's why I ticked off the daily notifications thing. Their daily reports are just like spam.

  • Let the user decide of which categories he/she'd like to receive e-mail. Problem (mostly) solved without having to do things just one way or the other.

    Unsubscribing is also a possibility.


What Girls Said 8

  • I think they should be safe for work just in case. I use my personal e-mail for my account on G@G, and I don't think people should use their work e-mail, but still... On the off-chance you check their messages during your lunch hour or something, you should feel safe to do so and not worry you're going to be opening up something about threesomes.

  • Emails are sent to the email addresses listed on user profiles. If you do not want to receive them for any reason, you can unsubscribe by clicking the "unsubscribe" button located at the bottom of the email.

    • The question is not whether or not I want to receive them. The question is whether or not a pg13 website should be blatantly advertising R rated material without warning anyone before hand.

    • The emails use content from the site. There is sexual content on GAG so that's why the emails will sometimes contain sexual posts. They will not all be sexual in nature though, different content will be used each time so it will be a wide variety. But as I said, if someone is bothered by any of them, they can unsubscribe if they want to.

    • I don't care if there's some sexual content in them but when it looks like I'm subscribed to porn forum instead of a question forum, don't you think that's a problem? Especially since GaG wants to not be a porn forum to their advertisers? Or has that changed too?

  • SFW would be the best of course. But this is why I don't use my real email on here. I never use that email and only check it if I know for sure I've gotten something important, like a gift card or a mod manual.

  • That's odd, I never get those. I only get the status ones. But regardless I don't think those random ones are really necessary at all.

    • I think it'd be cool to get like a weekly newsletter talking about interesting mytakes and questions and announcing any contests they have going, but if they're going to be all about sex and clickbait, I don't want it in my inbox either.

  • I got that too! I don't mind the information about what happened yesterday.. But I don't want to be reading about threesomes and what not (just things I'm not interested in/or is even relevant for me)

    • I agree. I don't want to read that on the website and I really don't want to read about it in my email.

    • Especially if it's your primary email that you use 😐 Eh silly Gag

    • Exactly. A person shouldn't have to use a special email just for GaG just because GaG wants to send out gross emails.

  • Good point.. I don't remember getting such emails. But maybe it has to do with my settings.
    I agree though they must not be a cause for embarrassment.

  • That would be nice actually

    • LOL! In a world where you don't have to screen your emails from GaG...

    • What if someone looks over your shoulder and sees something incriminating xD

      I hate getting emails from them in general tho
      Like idc g@g 😥

    • I know right? I apparently need to hid gag posts AND emails from my poor grandma.

      You can opt out of the daily status things though on your settings page

  • That's really weird lol. G@G is on some crazy sh*t.

    • I agree. It seems like there is better content and better ways to advertise than "sex that makes you squeal". Like I would have gotten in trouble for that as a teen so I don't think it's fair to people like you.

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