Why do we have to be notified whenever the people you follow post a question/mytake?

This has probably been asked before - when the changes have been done - but I haven't been around for a while..
And this is really annoying. Having to find 20+ notifications just because I was trying to be nice and follow back peeps.
Does this make you wanna unfollow people? Or is it just me who's annoyed?

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  • It does get annoying.
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I follow people for several reasons but now that I have to get notified, I feel like it wasn't necessary for me to follow some of them. Not sure if you understand what I'm getting at..
Nevermind guys! Didn't know I could change it in the settings xp


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  • Yeaa I know it's annoying :-)

  • Because you didn't disable it in the settings...

  • Isn't this part of "following" someone, like in the sense of the term (maybe it means something different to you or other GAGers, but follow means follow to me, ie. get notified when they post)

    • There are several reasons to why I follow people. But back in my days, I didn't have to get notified for every question posted. So I guess I could've not followed some "certain" gagers if I knew that were to happen

    • fair point, it is always awkward when these things change, even if it ultimately makes more sense for new people (I've been on GAG a while but I don't use it much, and don't follow anyone)

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  • I love it since I'm HORRIBLE at noticing when people I follow leave any questions. Plus this way with people I thought that had went AFK. Apparently they never did and I just never seen them on the live feed.

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