Is GAG single interest forum?

It's such a big community.

I feel awkward, I wrote what I think one of my best writings so far, more to be psychological and social.
the editors liked it thank you so much.

But nobody seemed to have an interest on such non controversial issue.


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  • The MyTake system works terribly. I wrote a few on a past account, they get a little notice, then drop off the feed and that's it.

    GaG is more like a live discussion forum then a place where carefully considered opinions rise to the top forming a useful encyclopedia of knowledge that you can access.


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  • To expect people to like something is not the reason to write something. Doing anything for the purpose of starting a conversation for others interest is the wrong motive. If you are happy with it that is all that is needed. To me this is the same as having over 300 FB (fake friends) needing to be liked or share your post just to make you feel valuable. Almost like buying FB friends to show that you are liked and popular when everybody is just looking for the same validation.

    • Master Sit Down! !! What is this!!!

      It's nothing about being liked and popular and valuable! !!!
      What about sharing thoughts! !! What about writing and learning from critics in the same time!! and what about seeing how many other dimensions your writing can be viewed.

      And what's wrong with such motivation! ! You certainly have wrong concept about writing and reading.
      I don't want it to be totally liked. I want it to be received in other people's mind, even if they won't like it.

  • The interest of this community: Sex.

    • Well everyone holds more attention to sexuality. Even me Ok!
      But I know such social networks based on such field. Where people would get bored from such single topic.
      And would engage in others.

    • I agree, and Reddit is that place, but here it's sex, sex related, bf/gf/wife/husband, or something random that makes no sense but double-backs into sex like "What kind of whipped cream do you like?" then someone saying something about nipples.

    • Spot on.
      Beside negative talks, we can't get enough of them.

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