Is CHICK180 Back Yet?

#CHICK180 the queen

  • yes the queen is back
  • no but i miss her
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  • By any chance does this happen to be you?

    • What ha no. he's creeeeepy

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    • haha! Thank you! (: lol

    • Thanks for Mh 😛

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  • Dude she's been gone forever. Creepy obsessions like this are why she left.

    • what u mean tho?

    • You're obsessing over her. You're making a topic about her like 9 months after the fact that she left. Maybe you think it's flattery but trust me she thought things like this were beyond annoying and creepy.

    • okay okay I'm just a fan of her... so I guess the queen really left. Oh well.

      Wait, you know exactly when she left? O_o Oh I see fellow fan ;) eh?

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