Same old recycled questions?

I've been on this site regularily for a couple months now I'd say and I'm noticing now that everyday it seems to be the same questions day after day (even word for word). It makes me wonder how many of these are legit questions? Are they making them up or just re-posting them over and over again? I find it hard to believe different people are asking the same questions almost word for word daily. Some I understand, like the how do I looks etc. Some are just so ridiculous also, you can't believe anyone would really ask them? Maybe I spend too much time here? lol Thoughts? I guess it's trolling? What's the purpose? Attention?


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  • Some of them are new, while there are certain users who keep re-posting their old questions. I've gotten used to it to be honest.


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  • That's the public for you. I had a friend who worked in a bistro. They would write the soup of the day on a chalkboard in front in letters a foot high, then have it written again on a board directly over the desk even larger.

    Still fifty times a day people would walk up and ask, "what's the soup of the day?". She got so she would turn around slowly and read the sign over her head to them as if she could barely work out what it said. She did not have the right temperament to work in retail really.


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