Should (most) MyTakes include sources?

I've come to notice in most of the MyTakes on GaG, especially those trying to explain something, will not include sources at all.

I think this should be compulsory.

If you're attempting to teach people about new things, you have to back it up with factual evidence, and I simply haven't seen that.

So many add a sources section to the MyTakes?

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  • Like facts, charts, survey sources? I like that idea. Some guy "I really believe" made up "facts" about women being more aggressive. Not saying that we aren't because we can. But most of his information looked shonky as

    • Thanks.

      I think there should be a little "Sources" section at the end of myTakes, so people can copy paste links to websites, articles and journals.

      I've seen so many people claim things without backing it up... even after asking them in the comments.

    • That would be good. Like a mini section that says sources before submitting the mytake would be cool as. In small italic font..

      Yeah if you ask them for a source and they don't reply, you know they made it up, otherwise they'll force the source upon you without you even having to ask for it

    • Thank you for MH

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  • I've seen a few with sources added at the end, but I wouldn't be opposed to a successful section. Though most of MyTakes are just my thoughts on a certain subject.

  • Yes...


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  • I have seen postings here and on many other sites where people state what they believe without any back up. The problem is not so much that thjey post these, but that people believe them without question.

    If you are posting an opinion such as how you feel about something, you certainly do not justify your feelings, but when you say I that (...) because they always (...), you should source the because part.

    Look at all the political BS on the internet. This year is worse than any prior year I have seen for people saying that things are fact and people believing them without questioning it. That shows how ignorant the people are who are accepting everything as true. One of the problems there is that many of the sources are either lying or twisting "facts" themselves.

    People can do the same on here: find sources that back them up even if wrong. People on here need to learn to be more critical of what they read.

  • Hahaha, most people would not be able to write articles in that case.

  • good idea but not necessary nor enforcable

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