Why are people so supportive when someone "asks if am ugly?" but if someone post a pic of model asking what do you think of him/her people are?

Extremely judgmental.

so if you ask "am I ugly?" Majority of the people are supportive.

if you ask "should I change my style/hair/whatever..." People are divided.

and if you ask the opinion on a model majority of the people are cynical saying that person is ugly or unattractive most of the time.

what's up with that?


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  • A models profession is to look good. Because of this it is far easier to be judgmental.

    If i made you a cake, most people would say it tastes good. If you knew i was a world famous cake chef and was eating the same cake, you would find more criticism aimed at me

    • That was a great explanation.

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  • It's only people here because they assume model people out of their league lmao. That's why dadbod fans lol sad virgins, smh