Why is it hard to have a decent argue?

i dunno why whenever two different people argue about something , they get offeneded and start to insult each other

of course when two different people argue , they will be different , what a surprize

of course one of them is wrong or even both, for me its ok if i am wrong, i won't be right/wrong all the time, i will even be glad if i am wrong to know whats right , i have no problem about that,
in real life it happens a lot to have an argue with a friend and neither convince the other, and no problem happens
then why here insulting and being bold?


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  • Because most people lack patience and charisma and their ego is insufferable.


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  • You have to establish ground rules. No throwing shit, name calling, honoring space when one says I'm leaving for awhile, if one does need to leave to calm down then they tell where they're going and an approx time they'll be back, establishing a code word that when one says it the argument stops and both respect that rule. It doesn't mean the argument is over its a way to keep it from escalating. I learned all this in anger management


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  • I get insults thrown my way all the time because of my views on immigration and how we can tackle Muslim extremism.

    I get called a "bigot", "xenophobe", "Islamophobe", you name it.

    I try to have intellectual debates with people who oppose my view, but, in about 99% of cases, I get shut down.

    It's Godwin's Law.

    • i totally disagree with you, still when i disagree with people defending your point they start throwing random words at me lol
      why people can't hold a decent talk

  • Arguments are pointless, if you argue you must think the other person is wrong and if the other person is wrong they must be stupid and I don't have time for stupid people.

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